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House of Leaves

By: Mark Z. Danielewski - Read: January 20, 2024 - Rating: 10/10

You may have read a lot of books before, but I bet you've never really read a book like House of Leaves. It is the story of a house — a house that's probably older than earth itself, hides secrets that never show themselves to the world, and can make you lose everything, including hope. But the book is about the house but has several parallel stories, each covering different characters.

It is not a linear book; the pages are anything but traditional. It is too eerie to be called a book, it is too real to be called a fiction. There are online forums to discuss the books and you'll be left with so many questions. The story is a roller coaster and mind blowing.

You can also check out my notes at https://www.are.na/harsh/house-of-leaves-znrk6csq2u4